This is a guided tour of the Georgia Class USS Fearless. Explore Lima Fleet's Big Stick.



The Fearless' bridge is located on Deck 1, at the top of the ship. The Bridge is the ship's nerve center, with all major ship's operations being controlled from this one space.

Command Area Edit

In the center of the bridge is the Command area. The ship's mission commander, either Admiral Praxis Hardfighter, or under normal circumstances, Captain Jazmyn Hardfighter, commands the ship from the center of three chairs in the command area.

To the Command Chair's Right is the Executive Officer's chair. Normally, this chair is manned by Commander Kirsta Fignarigto, or Captain Hardfighter if the Admiral is commanding.

To the left of the Command Chair is the 3rd command station. Either the ship's Command Master Chief or Commander Fignarigto will man this station.

All three chairs have a computer access terminal, allowing the occupants to monitor all manner of information, from detailed technical information to tactical readiness, to crew bios.

Control Area Edit

Forward of the Command Area, in front of the main viewer, are the Conn and Ops stations. Ops, on the Port side, is manned by the ship's Operations Officer, and to the starboard is the Flight Control station, Conn, the ship's helm.

These two stations work together to ensure the ship is flown and operated smoothly.

Upper Deck Edit

The upper deck of the bridge has consols around the outter edge of the Bridge, as well as stations behind the command deck for Tactical and Engineering. Science, Engineering II and III, Tactical II and III, and other multifunction stations line the outter bulkheads.

Ready Rooms Edit

Two ready rooms are built into Deck 1. On the port side is the XO's Ready Room. to Starboard is the Captain's Ready room. Admiral Hardfighter does not have a Ready Room on Deck one.

Ready Rooms serve as "On-site" offices for the CO and XO, who both have offices on Deck 3.

Observation Lounge Edit

The Observation Lounge is the main meeting room aboard the ship for the Senior Staff. All staff meetings, including Admiral's Meetings, take place in the Observation Lounge.


Fearless CIC

The Conbat information Center is the Ship's tactical control center. Admiral Hardfighter is normally found here, as it is located on Deck 2, one deck above his office, and allows him to monitor Lima Fleet and Task Force 125 Operations without intruding upon the ship's everyday operations on the bridge.

The CIC allows Fearless the unique advantage of being able to engage as many as 30 targets at once, a capability lost to ships relying on one or two officers manning tactical stations on the bridge. Admiral Hardfighter can also direct fleet actions from the aft plotting table, where he can see the entire tactical picture for one planetary system or an entire sector.

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