USS Bangor is a Federation Akira class Starship currently assigned to Task Force 405 of Lima Fleet. She is the third Federation starship to be named in honor of Bangor, Maine, the third largest city of that state.



Length, 464.43 Meters; Beam, 316.67 Meters; Height, 87.43 Meters
47,254 metric tons
Ship's Company, 35 Officers, 35 Chief Petty Officers, 330 Enlisted. Marine Detachment, 2 Officers, 46 Enlisted.
7 Type XII Phaser Arrays, 5 Torpedo Launchers (3 forward, 2 aft).
1 M/A Reactor Assembly, Maximum speed warp 9.975; 2 x .125c Impulse drive engines.
03 February, 2370
Night Fall Station, Lima Fleet


USS Bangor was commissioned on February 3rd, 2370 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, under the command of Captain Gordon H. Potter. Upon Commissioning, She was assigned to Cruiser Destroyer Squadron 9, based out of Starbase 109.

USS Bangor served as Command ship, CruDesRon 9 from March 2370 until the start of the Dominion War, when she was transfered to Tactical Action Group Theta, under command of Admiral Kira Maru. As the Dominion War began, several of her senior officers were transfered off, to take charge of other commands. Captain Potter then appointed his tactical officer, Lt. Praxis Hardfighter, to be the new XO, and promoted him to Lieutenant Commander.

Alongside her sistership, USS Elgin, and USS Veroto the Bangor conducted numerous combat patrols against the Dominion. During the first year of the war, Bangor herself accounted for the destruction of a dozen Jem'Hadar Attack Ships.

Operation: ReturnEdit

USS Bangor was one of the hundreds of ships selected for the mission to retake Deep Space Nine. After the fighter attacks were completed, Bangor and Elgin were tasked with shoring up the inside flank of Galaxy Squadron 3, and in doing so charged headlong into the furball. Captain Potter and the Elgin's Captain Peirce coordinated their attack so expertly that one Cardassian POW would later state "They acted like one ship. they moved like one ship. But they fought like ten." Official Starfleet records show the ships claiming a total of 10 enemy warships, including one Galor and one Keldon class.

As the two ships pulled up and away to come and assist the USS Defiant's break-through, the Bangor was hit hard by an interceding Jem Hadar Battlecruiser. The Captain was killed, and Lt. Commander Hardfighter took command. Damaged, but not out of the fight, Bangor and Elgin attacked the Battlecruiser. They recieved timely help from the Klingon Battlecruiser Dahar, and continued on their way.

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