The Type XII (12) Phaser Array is currently the most powerful phaser array installed aboard Lima Fleet starships. For security reasons, it was originally known as the Type X (10) +.


Classification: Directed Energy Weapon

Mounting Type: Emmitter Strip

Range: ~450,000 KM

Power: Classified.

Date Deployed: 2371 (USS Soveriegn)


Below is a list of Ships or classes the Type XII is deployed aboard

Sovereign Class (First Deployed)

Shiloh Class

Georgia Class

Intrepid Class

Galaxy Class (Refit)


Ambassador (Refit)

USS Mjolnir (Class unknown)


Originally developed as an upgraded version of the 2350's Era Type X phaser Array, the Type XII has replaced the Type X aboard all new-build Starships. It has also been backfitted to some Galaxy and Ambassador Class starships.

The weapon has the same range as it's predecessor, but generates a more powerful beam. The Type XII Arrays can also fire from multiple emitters on the same array, albeit at lower power. Soveriegn, Galaxy, and some Shiloh class Starships use this feature for Anti-Startfighter Operations (Since the ships do not have Anti-Fighter batteries.)

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