Name: Temzia Makasha Species: Trill Rank: Ensign Ship: USS Veroto Appearance: Hair - Brown

           Eye Colour - Blue
           Trill Spots

Biography raised on New Sydney Temzia rarely socialized with the other children including the Tigan 3 although she did have a slight crush on Janel, her parents home schooled her until the Dominion war started when she was sent to stay with relatives on the Trill homeworld where her uncle tried in vain to get her to undergo the initial testing to become a host to a symbiont Temzia instead went into Trill security training before heading to Starfleet Academy with the intention of requesting assignment on Trill or New Sydney, instead of getting one of her prefered assignments Temzia was stationed on the Veroto.

Personality Traits a loner, Temzia tends to keep to herself not wanting to make many friends.

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