Starbase Licentia is a Spacedock Class Station; the main spacedock for the entire of Lima Fleet.

Service HistoryEdit

Starbase Licentia is a Spacedock Class Station, located on the edge of Alpha Quadrant. Licentia was first Commissioned under the command of Captain Alex Crimson, who had recently graudated from under USS Valiant as a Command Trainee. The USS Rex was also assigned to Starbase Licentia as a Science and Tatical Support Ship. The Rex was destroyed in a attack aganist the Omegans Imperial Fleet; the USS Proteus was re-assinged under Senoir Commander Aressia's command. Licentia also held the Lima Fleet Ball and was caught in the center when the Banor Fleet attacked Lima Fleet.

Current CrewEdit

Vice Admiral Alex Crimson Commanding Officer

Captain Kaylee Starshine Executive Officer

Senoir Commander Aressia Mcall Chief Counsellor

Major Luke Crimson Commander Air Group

Lieutenant Commander Lucrentia (Lucy) Marcone Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Commander Larinda Starkiller Chief Science Officer

Ships Currently DockedEdit

USS Darkseid- NCC 9431- A: Consitution Class Refit (Retirement)

USS Proteus- NCC 3241: Luna Class

SB Licentia Home [1]

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