The Lima Fleet Special Intelligence Unit is a unit, subordinate to the Lima Fleet Intelligence Director, composed for the purposes of covert intelligence gathering, counterintelligence, and occasionally covert surgical tactical actions.

Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers assigned to the SIU are hand picked by the Director of Fleet Intelligence, Captain Thomas Phaserman. Candidates for the SIU must be profficient in relevant skills, including a background in special operations.

Members assigned to the unit may serve with other active units, but are required to undertake missions as the Director may require. The best agents hold Level 01 Status, while new agents are granted Level 04 Status. Elevation in status is determined by the Director. Only two agents are known to hold Level 01 status, Agent 01-1 "Spectre", and Agent 01-2 "Viper". Agents are known only by their id numbers (IE 01-1, 03-10) or their codenames ("Spectre", "Viper").

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