Kurjy is an herb native to Valderis, grown in the equatorial regions. Kurjy is similar in appearence to the Terran Tobacco, and has similar properties in it's natural state. Researchers on Earth have even postulated that Kurjy is, in fact, a type of Tobacco.


Like Tobacco on Earth, and similar plants on other planets, Kurjy is most often used in cigarettes or cigars, although among nobles in the Valderan Royal Empire, it is also smoked in a traditional pipe or hookah. Soldiers in the field tend to prefere to chew their kurjy, as chewing does not give away their possition at night.


Natural Kurjy is just as dangerous to humanoids as tobacco. However, since 2178, Valderan Kurjy farms have produced a genetically altered Kurjy, which provides many of the results smokers look for, while toxicity and carcinegans are reduced by 75%.

Natural Kurji is still grown and smoked on some colony worlds.


| Cigarette-Wikipedia

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