The Valderan Imperial Knights are the Emperor of Valderis' personal security detail. The unit is a Company-sized unit, with about 200 permanently assigned Marines. It is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel, with each of the 4 Platoons being commanded by a Captain.


The Imperial Knights are responsible for the security of the Emperor, Empress, and any of their family members that reside at the Imperial Palace. The Company Commander is the Emperor's persnal body guard, and almost never leaves his side. The Company CO is also responsible for overseeing the rest of the Knights.

The Company XO is responsible for establishing and enforcing the duty roster. He is also the Empress' personal body guard.


Imperial Knights are among the best trained and equiped combat troops in the galaxy. They wear black uniforms head-to-toe, including a black helmet with a tinted visor, to protect their classified identity. They also wear black hard body armor, molded to each specific Marine.

Every Knight carries a Standard-issue Valderan Disruptor pistol. For certain duties, the Knights can carry rifles or Carbines.

The helmet used by the Knights includes a built-in tricorder that feeds data to a Head-Up Display on the inside of the Visor. It displays vital information, including warnings about potentially armed people not associated with the Knights. the Helmet also has sound dampers, allowing Marines to use the communications system without being overheard. The helmet also has auditory sensors and a pair of small speakers, allowing the Knights to talk to people not wearing a helmet. a universal translator eliminates the need for translators.

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