The "Hush Puppy" is a name given to a weapon developed independantly by Brigadier General Daniel Hardfighter. The Hush Puppy is a projectile handgun, using gunpowder as the propellant. It is equiped with a suppressor, which greatly reduces the muzzel flash and report.

Hush Puppy
projectile pistol, gunpowder propelled
Gas operated, semi-automatic.
12.7mm (0.50 in), 325 grain projectile weight
4.4 pounds, 5.5 pounds with supressor.
Overall, 9.75 inches. Barrel, 6 inches. Suppressor, 8 inches.
Effective, 50 meters. Maximum, 150 meters
Magazine Capacity
7 rounds, plus one chambered.
4 inch target at 50 meters.
Muzzel Velocity, 1305 Feet/Second. Kinetic Energy, 1229.31 Ft. Pounds.
Production Status


General Hardfighter developed the Hush Puppy because he wanted a sidearm capable of taking down a Banor warrior at close range. The weapon fires a very large .50 caliber projectile, and has incredible stopping power. The suppressor attachment makes the weapon fairly stealthy, and helps reduce the weapon's significant recoil.

The Hush Puppy is so named because of the dog-like appearence of it's intended target, the Banor. General Hardfighter has recommended the weapon for use with Special Operations forces, due to it's relative stealth when compared with phasers. The weapon uses gunpowder as a propellant because the General's tests showed a magnetic acceleration barrel less than 24 inches in length produced less than satisfactory performance, and such a long weapon would result in a weapon that was not nearly as compact as the Hush Puppy, which when fitted with a suppressor has an overall length of just under 18 inches, making it significantly less cumbersome than a carbine or rifle.

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