HVMS Kritak is the nameship of a class of 12 Cruisers, in service with the Valderan Royal Navy. The Kritak is currently commanded by Captain Robert Phaserman, son of Gary Phaserman and Kirsta Fignarigto.


  • Type: Cruiser
  • Length: 750 meters
  • Beam: Hull, 120 meters; Wings, 325 Meters
  • Decks: 36
  • Armament: 18 x 404mm Disruptor Cannons, 20 x 127mm Disruptor Cannons, 6 x Torpedo Launchers (18 tubes), 8 Anti-Starfighter Batteries.
  • Crew: 30 Officers, 30 Chief Petty Officers, 340 enlisted. Normal Marine Detachment of 100.
  • Performance: Maximum Warp 9.975 for 12 hours, emergency Warp 9.989 for 2 hours.
  • Mass: 4,500,000 Metric Tonnes
  • Auxiliary craft: 2 x High Speed Shuttles, 4 x Shuttle Pods.
  • Sensors: Numerous sensor systems for long range, short range, fire control, and space control duties. Limited scientific capabilities.
  • Ordered: 15 December, 2376
  • Laid Down: 12 January, 2377
  • Launched: 09 May, 2379
  • Unit Cost: Ҹ2,980,000,000 (US$3.8 Billion, 2009)

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