CIWS is an Acronym for Close In Weapons System, pronounced "See-Wiz". The CIWS Concept dates back to Earth's 20th Century Navies, which developed short-range, radar guided gun or missile systems to defend warships and supply vessels against incoming aircraft, missiles, or surface threats.


In late 2385, Advanced Starship Design Bureau issued a requirement for a flexible, quick response weapons' system to defeat attacking small craft (>50m Overall Length) and torpedoes. The resulting weapon featured a low-visibility turret mounting four 40mm Pulse Phaser Cannons, similar to those mounted on the Tomcat Starfighter.

Each of the four cannons has a rate of fire of 70 pulses per minute, and the mount can be set to three different firing settings:

  • Singe Fire: Each cannon fires in sequence at extremely short intervals, resulting in a nearly constant stream of fire. Used primarily against torpedoes and missiles.
  • Offset Pairs: Upper Port/Lower Starboard and Upper Starboard/Lower Port fire at staggered close intervals. Each pair of pulses is more powerful, but has a slower firing rate than single fire. Effective against smaller fighters and shuttles.
  • Linked Fire: All four guns fire at once. This setting is used against more heavily protected attackers.

Currently, only USS Fearless and USS Shiloh have recieved CIWS mountings.

Fearless mounts 9 CIWS, 4 on the dorsal saucer, 3 on the Ventral Saucer, one on the aft keel, and one above the aft shuttlebays. Shiloh has 8 in a similar dispersal.

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