Physical Description Edit

Averaging about 7.5 feet tall they are dog like with long snouts black fur and a long tail. They have short ears that stand upright. Banor are bipedal creatures.

Physical Attacks Edit

The Banor’s tail can be used as a very powerful whip they use their size to there advantage and prefer to fight at close range with long curved swords.

Ships Edit

The Banor ships range in size varying between Defiant Class sizes all the way to Galaxy Class size. However Banor Capitol/Colony ships are 3500 meters long and heavily armed. All Banor are raised to be fighters the Banor do not hesitate to send children in to battle.

  • Ship Defenses: The Banor use a shielding technology that is highly advanced. The shielding absorbs most of the energy and transfers it to their systems however a gamma burst disrupts this for 2 mins and they are unable to absorb the energy from weapons.
  • Ship Weaponry: The Banor use high yield explosive devices not unlike torpedoes. They also use directed energy weapons that are highly advanced.

Mission Edit

The Banor’s mission is to wipe out all Kntarian and anyone who allies with them. They also seek to rule the galaxy as the dominant spices. They seek to in slave all the civilizations that they can.

History Edit

The Banor and Kntarian have been at war for well of 2000 years since they became space faring. At one time they were at peace until the current Banor leaders great-great-grandfather came into power. Seeking to dominate everything and everyone and take hold of as much power as possible he sent his military in to space and attacked three of the Kntarian outer colonies destroying nearly 60 million people. The Kntarain's retaliated in kindly. When Kira was a baby the Banor forces breached Kntarian space heading for the home world Kira was saved by her parents. The Kntarain’s evacuated as many people as they could including her parents the rulers of Kntarian civilization. Banor capitol ships destroyed the Homeworld and 9 billion people were killed. The rest of the colonies were evacuated and the Kntarian have been space fairing ever since. When the current ruler came to power he continued the feud hunting down and killing as many Kntarain’s as he can.

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