Major Ademaro "Addie" Riech is the Executive Officer aboard USS Devil Dog. the German born officer is also among the most colorful charactors on the ship.

Major Ademaro Riech


Riech, Ademaro
Starfleet Marine Corps
Current Assignment
Executive Officer, USS Devil Dog
Date of Birth
12 July, 2351
Heinrich Riech, Father; Edda Riech, Mother; 1Sgt. Wolfgang Riech, Brother.

Appearance Edit

Ademaro is 6'6" tall, and very powerfully built. His hair is Jet black but going grey, and his eyes a whiskey brown. His hair is usually shaved to a High and Tight hair cut. Years of intense physical training have given him a body that looks chiselled from stone.

Hidden by his uniform, Ademaro has numerous scars from years of hard fighting, both in battle and in bar fights. the most noticable is one that bisects a SFMC tattoo on his chest, given to him by a Klingon D'k'Tagh.

Service record Edit

2369: Entered Starfleet Academy

2373: Graduates Starfleet Academy, commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant, SFMC

2373: Assigned to Hotel Company, 3rd Battalion, 27th Marine Regiment. Participates in several expeditionary actions early in the Dominion War.

2374: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, assigned as XO, Hotel Company. Participates in defensive fighting on Federation Colony of M2387-A

2375: Fights in Battle of Chin'Toka

2375: Assigned to Relief Force assigned to AR-559

2376: Promoted to Captain, assigned to command Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 15th Marine Regiment.

2380: Assigned to USS Bismarck as Commanding Officer, Marine Detachment.

2381: Promoted to Major.

2383: Assigned to Presidential Residence, Paris as Commander, Presidential Marine Force.

2386: Assigned to USS Devil Dog as Executive Officer.

Background Information Edit

Ademaro is from Lichtenberg, one of the Twelve Buroughs of the German Capitol of Berlin. He speaks fluent German, as well as English, and is conversationally comptetent in Klingon, Vulcan, Japanese, Italion, and Romulan.

Ademaro's family is a very influencial family in Europe, and has several uncles who are elected officials with the European Union. Many thought Ademaro would go into politics, but instead he decided to become a Starfleet Marine.

Growing up, "Addie" and his older brother Wolfgang "Wolfie" became the big kids on their street, and Addie soon learned to love a good fight. By the time Wolfie and Addie were in their teens, the two each had records for minor crimes, mostly for bullying. By the time Addie left for Starfleet Academy, his brother had become a full-on street thug. Addie decided that that lifestyle wasn't for him, and left for the Academy. When Addie graduated in 2373, his brother was jailed for striking a police officer after a bar fight in downtown Berlin. Wolfie would later enlist to serve with his brother in the Dominion War.

Addie always had a knack for fixing things, but his fighting side got the better of him and he became a Marine rather than an Engineer. Addie did however take engineering classes, and is a very competent damage controlman.

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